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Expert help with every aspect of running employee engagement surveys and driving change after.

Are you looking for an employee engagement survey provider to help you run surveys or a listening programme? We have everything you’ll need to improve employee experience, engagement and performance in your business. Here are just a few reasons why top organisations, such as Cancer Research UK, Starbucks and Taylor Wimpey trust us:
  • Seamlessly run branded engagement, pulse or other surveys from flexible ETS survey platform
  • Powerful reporting studio and manager dashboard
  • Managed service and expert support from business psychologists
  • Guidance on survey questions and communications, and expert analysis of results and advice on taking action.

Employee surveys designed around you

Like Engage For Success, we firmly believe that one size never fits all. That’s why we work with you on the design. We can create new employee engagement survey questions or refine an existing set. Here’s what this may look like:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Questionnaire design (or review)
  • EX3 model to develop engagement, enablement and empowerment indices
  • Support with communications strategy
  • Employee validation panels
  • Fully managed implementation.

Feature-packed employee survey platform

We give you access to an intuitive and highly configurable engagement survey platform. From here we can run any size, type or frequency of surveys you want. If needed, we can also support with providing a paper survey option. Here are just some of the features you get with our platform:

  • Fully branded interface
  • Pre-loaded people data
  • Mobile-enabled functionality
  • Unique, open link or team code survey access
  • ‘Routed’ question sub sets
  • Real time response rates
  • Easy-to-use admin tools.

Explore our employee engagement survey platform here.

employee engagement surveys client login pages
ETS employee surveys manager dashboard reporting

Powerful reporting studio

You’ll get super-fast access to survey results for an immediate picture of employee opinion. What’s more, our online reporting is really flexible. It gives you different options and ways to cut and slice your data. Here are some of the most notable features:

  • Manager hub featuring dashboard and insights data pack
  • Next-day reporting possible with unlimited reports
  • Customisable report display, content and demographics
  • Generate a variety of report outputs
  • Automated comments and sentiment analysis
  • Generate dynamic online word clouds and heat maps
  • Benchmark and historical data comparisons
  • Integrated action planning tool

Turning insights into action

This is where we can really add value to your programme. Our skilled business psychologists can carry out various types of detailed analysis on your engagement survey data. They will guide you to key findings and help you to separate the signal from the noise. Then we present back findings to your executives. Here are some of the ways in which we can help:

  • Executive presentation – high impact, tailored presentation
  • Analysis of your key drivers of employee engagement
  • ‘EX3 analysis’ to optimise your employee experience
  • Predictive analytics
  • Profiling/segmentation analysis
  • Open comments report
  • Action planning toolkit or workshop.
Employee engagement survey data analysis


What is an employee engagement survey for?

Employee engagement surveys are a popular tool or process used for gathering the opinions of staff on matters relating to work. Previously know as ‘satisfaction’ surveys, they now typically relate more to employee engagement and other aspects of the broader employee experience.

Do employee engagement surveys work?

Employee engagement surveys can be tremendously useful in uncovering employee insights and alerting leaders to potential issues. However, their perceived success depends largely on them asking the most relevant questions, and to the organisation and managers taking action on results.

What are the best employee engagement survey questions?

The best employee engagement survey questions are very much dependent on the organisational context. Typically a survey will include questions relating to areas such as job satisfaction & engagement, training & development, work environment, leadership, line manager and pay & benefits.

How do you design an employee engagement survey?

Our belief, much like Engage For Success is that bespoke design of a survey is key to it providing accurate, actionable results. We recommend a thorough design process that encompasses speaking with stakeholder groups and involving employees to understand the context and questions to include.

How do you measure employee engagement?

The key drivers of employee engagement will differ from one organisation to the next. However, an ‘engagement index’ may likely feature questions relating to employee voice, intention to stay (in the job), employee advocacy (likelihood to recommend) and career development opportunities.

Should employee engagement surveys be anonymous?

Yes, the confidentiality of employee engagement surveys is for the utmost importance. The real value in this exercise is to get unfiltered, honest feedback from employees, which will only happen if they are reassured over their anonymity.

What is the best communication strategy for an employee engagement survey?

The communication strategy for an employee engagement survey is critical to everything from its launch to taking action. It is about using the best channels to reach employees, about clearly articulating the survey’s purpose and how results are to be used. We usually suggest a multi-channel comms plan – perhaps encompassing video, email, posters, intranet and live forums.

How do you act on employee engagement survey results?

Acting on employee engagement survey results is something that must be considered from the very outset. It pays to get managers involved early in the design, to gain their buy-in to the process and thus taking action afterwards too. On a practical level, be sure to provide managers with support and action plan templates too.

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