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Are diversity stats papering over inclusion cracks?

Diverse teams are good for business – that much is abundantly clear. McKinsey found that companies with diverse executive teams are 33 percent more likely to outperform their peers on profitability. Pretty compelling. But herein lies the problem – focusing too much on diversity statistics might be a distracting measurement. It’s a bit like going on a diet of unhealthy, low calorie snacks. On the outside, everything looks good but who knows what is happening on the inside? It is distracting,...

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Diversity & inclusion gender special report

There are plenty of headlines and soundbites hailing the progress being made by businesses with diversity and inclusion (D&I). From more female CEOs in Fortune 500 companies than ever to the highest numbers of black and ethnic minority police officers in England and Wales since records began – there’s plenty of good news to celebrate. However, despite this undoubted progress and positivity, we mustn’t lose sight of why diversity and inclusion matters so much or how much further we still...