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Why a feedback culture is worth its weight in gold

I’d guess that almost all companies are currently going through some form of organisational change. It is a supremely challenging time. But what if there was something every one of us could do at work to help? That could bring huge benefits to both our organisation and people… And what if it was totally free too? Seems a no-brainer, right? And yet the thing in question – feedback – still doesn’t flow freely in many organisations. We know from our own...

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Are diversity stats papering over inclusion cracks?

Diverse teams are good for business – that much is abundantly clear. McKinsey found that companies with diverse executive teams are 33 percent more likely to outperform their peers on profitability. Pretty compelling. But herein lies the problem – focusing too much on diversity statistics might be a distracting measurement. It’s a bit like going on a diet of unhealthy, low calorie snacks. On the outside, everything looks good but who knows what is happening on the inside? It is distracting,...

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Organisational culture development: An essential guide

Having in place the right organisational culture is crucial to business fortunes. In truth, it always has been. But in an age when so many employees work remotely, where managers need to oversee disparate teams and where senior leaders can appear (and sometimes, sadly actually are) very far removed from those on the front line, it is now even more so. But how do you know if your current culture is fit for purpose, where do you start? Do your people...