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How to set better employee performance objectives

Creating poor quality employee performance objectives and setting them up badly will lead to misdirected efforts, weak accountability and, at best, slows the forward momentum of your business. Conversely, when people work to good objectives, they’re more likely to achieve excellent results. There’s an opportunity here for HR managers to support the writing and acceptance of good objectives. This is the starting point for achieving a high performance culture. So, how do you do this? 1. Help people to take accountability Individuals are far...

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5 ways to maximise use of 360 feedback among employees

You’ve done the hard work – you scoured the marketplace for a 360 feedback provider, you chose a platform, put together a questionnaire and launched it to your stakeholders… But it’s what happens next – or rather what perhaps doesn’t – that could prove to be your biggest challenge; participation. Fear not though, there’s lots that you (the organisation) can do to embed or reinvigorate a 360 process or tool to maximise uptake and ensure great value for all parties on...