Why we exist

Do the best for your people, get the best for your organisation.

When your people have a great experience, they’re best enabled to have a big impact, and success follows. That is what we believe, wholeheartedly. And ETS is a trusted partner to organisations who wish to achieve just that.

Our family-owned business is made up of a team of passionate people and tech experts. We know that every organisation is different, and that there are many things each could do to influence and improve their employee experience. But there is only so much that they can realistically do. We see our role as helping them to understand what they should do – by guiding them on the things that will make the biggest difference. Often, we refer to this as separating the signal from the noise.

That is what we have been doing, for over 30 years now. In the process, we have become a trusted partner to some of the most brilliant organisations in the UK and around the world – a fact of which we are hugely proud. And we remain more committed than ever to bringing the same benefit to other businesses in future.

How we work

We help you listen to your people – often using our own diagnostic tools – and pinpoint what will make the biggest difference to their experience and impact at work. Then we design and deliver training and development to improve it.


We get under the skin of your business to understand the organisation, its strategy, culture and goals

We speak with stakeholder groups across and immerse ourselves in your world

We design and run diagnostics to unearth what’s currently going on (or use your existing data).


We play back our findings and show you where and how to act to address priorities

We create tailored, blended learning journeys for your teams, talent and leaders

We provide training, coaching or other resources (delivered virtually or in person) to drive improvement where it is needed most.

The impact? An improved experience with more engaged teams. And people, individually and collectively, equipped to have a big impact in their job and ready to play their part in future organisational success. Want this for your business?