Organisational culture

A great employee experience is more important than ever. We can help.

Organisational culture change is a big focus right now. Fostering an inclusive culture, promoting desired values and offering a positive employee experience for your people is a prerequisite for building successful organisations. What you need to do – and what we can help with – is to first diagnose and understand what this currently looks like. Then, in this knowledge, we can support you to address challenges and drive organisational change, where needed.

Organisational challenges

Much has been made of the impact of low employee engagement on organisational outcomes. But even where engagement is higher, this doesn’t always translate to better performance.
We’ve seen organisations improve employee engagement survey scores with generally ‘good’ engagement and still face issues. These include high staff turnover or poor performance. The reason is that they overlook other key aspects relating to their culture and employee experience. Some specific challenges for organisations right now are:

  • Attracting and keeping top talent
  • Shifting their culture
  • Fully engaging remote or dispersed employees
  • Tackling poor enablement or empowerment

Solutions for organisations

Our approach starts with treating the employee experience more holistically. We recognise that engagement is just one part of this. That’s why we created our EX3 model for employee surveys, which measures three key elements – enablement, empowerment and engagement.

But running diagnostics is just the start. We then guide managers on where action is needed, and can support with:

  • Transforming your holistic employee experience
  • Promoting inclusion and diversity
  • Developing a feedback culture
  • Creating and embedding new values
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