Leadership development

We can provide tools, tailored training and anything you need to develop the very best leaders.

High performing organisations require adaptable and skilful leaders who can really connect with people in order to lead effectively in an uncertain world. Our job is to help your leaders to operate at their best now and to be future ready. We leverage our own thought leadership and call upon 30 years of experience to create innovative diagnostics and leadership development programmes that support your leaders to step up, hone existing skills and develop new ones.

Common challenges for leaders

Leaders today are expected to do much more than organise work or be technically skilled. They must also be resilient, act as expert coaches, demonstrate emotional intelligence all while increasingly leading remote or geographically dispersed teams. It is also expected that they connect people to the purpose behind their work and communicate with people in an engaging way. In short, they need a lot of strings to their bow. A few of the challenge areas we are commonly helping leaders with are:

  • Driving change
  • Translating vision and strategy into action
  • Acting as cultural role models
  • Communicating with impact
  • Building trust in them as leaders
  • Leading through uncertainty
  • Influencing without relying on authority
  • Breaking down organisational silos.

Our solutions to support leaders

As the expectation placed on leaders has changed, so too must the leadership development they receive. Over-reliance on classroom training or face-to-face coaching sessions is no longer practical or necessary today. As organisations and individuals, we are all far more technologically enabled. And as such our leadership development programmes are too, with a big emphasis on flexible, experiential solutions that are tailored to a leader’s needs and context. Here are some of the areas in which we can support individuals or groups of leaders:

  • Impact and influence
  • Authentic leadership
  • Vision and strategy
  • Leadership transitions
  • Leading change.
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