Employee engagement survey platform

Feature-rich, flexible and intuitive employee survey tech.

If you are looking for a flexible employee engagement survey platform, we can help. The latest version of the ETS platform is more advanced than ever. And our managed service takes the hassle out of implementing them as we help set up and administer each survey. With a dedicated implementation consultant, you are in the safest possible hands to ensure your survey looks, feels and functions just as you would expect.
ets employee engagement survey platform

More than just an engagement survey platform!

Our flexible platform is most often used by organisations looking to run employee engagement surveys. But it’s flexibility and advanced functionality to upload bespoke questionnaires and deal with complex hierarchies means it can just as readily be used to run any type, quantity or scale of surveys on any device. This includes:

  • Pulse surveys
  • Joiners’ surveys
  • D&I audits
  • Leavers’ surveys
  • Customer surveys.

Fully branded, flexible tools

We are continually investing in developing our survey platform, providing clients with a feature-rich but highly intuitive set of tools. One important element of this is the flexibility it offers in the application of your brand. This includes use of your fonts, brand colours and imagery. This is invaluable in helping to:

  • Integrate the platform seamlessly alongside other people programmes
  • Help to promote buy-in and trust
  • Encourage higher participation.
employee engagement surveys client login pages
Employee engagement survey report

Powerful online reporting

Our online reporting tool boasts a host of functions and features, designed to provide leaders and HR teams with everything they need to interrogate and report on their survey data. This includes:

  • Unlimited report generation in a choice of formats
  • Customisable report display, content and demographics
  • Automated comments and sentiment analysis
  • Dynamic word cloud and heat map reports
  • Benchmark and historical data report views.

User-friendly manager dashboard

Our manager hub includes an intuitive dashboard that gives managers a quick and easy view of their team’s results, together with the added benefit of a full, downloadable PDF format insights data pack for ‘deeper dives’ into the data.
For busy managers the dashboard is an ideal way to:

  • See response rates for their team/business unit
  • View index scores for engagement or other indices
  • Get an ‘at a glance’ view of how their team responded
  • See an overview of key findings and possible priorities in the data.

Step-by-step action plan guidance

Of course, the real value of any survey exercise is what you do with the data. Manager have a key role to play and our manager hub is also home to a handy action planning section. This enables managers to:

  • Pull through priority questions from the team’s results
  • Create action plans
  • Chart progress against agreed actions over time.
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