Employee engagement benchmark exchange

Benchmark your employee engagement scores and survey results with us for free.

Are you looking for employee engagement score benchmarking? The ETS benchmark exchange initiative enables you to get a report and compare your employee survey results with other organisations free of charge*, or to ask for custom industry reports (where available). Our benchmark database comprises up to 2.2 million employees drawn from 90+ companies including the likes of Marks & Spencer, Clarion Housing William Hill, Metro Bank and Leidos.

Taking part in the exchange

Participating in the ETS employee survey benchmark example couldn’t be simpler. Here’s the three-step process:

1. You share with us your aggregated employee engagement survey results in a defined format

2. This data is added, anonymously, to our master benchmark database to be used in future comparisons

3. Our experts prepare a benchmark report mapping our benchmark data against your comparable questions.

Below we’ve listed the most commonly-asked questions we receive, along with answers. Naturally, if you’ve other questions that aren’t covered here, please just get in touch with us.

*The free benchmark exchange is only open to companies with a minimum of 500 employees participating in their survey.


Benchmark FAQs

What is included in the benchmark report?

We hold extensive benchmark data that for both 4-point and 5-point Likert scales. We can use either of these, or a ‘converted’ benchmark comprising both for your report. The report will include:

  • An overall comparison
  • An industry-specific comparison (where available)
  • Mean (average) scores and the percentage of favourable responses at the question level.

Will our engagement survey data be safe?

We treat your employee engagement scores confidentially, ensuring the security and anonymity of your data at all times. No individual company’s survey results are ever identifiable to, or shared independently with, third parties.

How many of our survey questions will be comparable with the ETS benchmark?

We have a large question bank, which includes over 230 employee survey questions. A comparison is possible when the wording is either the same or where questions are worded similarly and deemed to have the same semantic meaning (they’re asking the same thing). We can share with you a list of employee survey questions in our benchmark before you complete an exchange.

What is the qualifying criteria for companies to take part?

We limit the free ETS employee survey benchmark exchange to companies with at least 500 participants in their employee survey. This criteria is due to the time involved for us to prepare each report.

How long does it take to get our benchmark report ready?

We can usually prepare benchmark reports within a week to 10 days of having receiving your survey data. This is, however, subject to scheduling around our other client work.

Why benchmark engagement survey results?

Well, quite simply, getting an external benchmark comparison for your survey results is the only way to give real context to how things are going. Otherwise, how do you know what a ‘good’ score is?

How much does the employee engagement benchmarking cost?

There’s no financial cost to companies taking part as we consider there to be mutual benefit to the exchange whereby we further broaden and grow our database, and you get a free benchmark report.

What industry benchmarks are available?

Our benchmark features industry splits for retail, construction and engineering, manufacturing, professional services, financial services, transport, technology and logistics.

Which companies are in your benchmark?

You can see a handful of our benchmark constituents at the top of this page. The ETS benchmark is made up of 170 companies, most of whom are clients of ETS working with us on their employee engagement survey. The other non-clients are companies who’ve already taken part in this exchange. We can share with you a sample list of constituents in our benchmark.

We’re an agency or consultancy, can we take part?

No, unfortunately not. We prefer to liaise directly with the company whose results are to be used for the exchange.

Can we buy benchmark data from ETS?

If you don’t have your own employee survey data yet to exchange but would like a report, please get in touch so that we can discuss what you’re looking for.