Transport and logistics

This is a rapid growth industry, particularly so in developing economies around the world. And having lots of employees based remotely naturally requires a different approach when it comes to things like employee engagement and internal communications initiatives. We’ve helped a number of companies in this area including London City Airport, Gist and Headlam Group and so are well versed in the most common areas of challenge, and how to counter them.

Common industry challenges

  • Geographical spread/physical location of employees
  • Communicating with employees effectively
  • Employee engagement – remote employees feeling disconnected
  • Leadership team visibility
  • Struggles to attract younger talent
  • Very competitive industry – struggle to differentiate
  • High operating costs (less able to invest more in employee L&D?)

How to tackle them

  • Need to create a strong employer brand/EVP
  • Innovative and inclusive approach to internal communications (using multiple channels)
  • Greater investment in L&D for employees
  • Aligning employee and customer experiences.
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