Rapid and continuing advances in technology means that this is an industry undergoing plenty of change. With a rise in use of robotics and a workforce that is declining in numbers, this is of course having an impact on employees. We know it is therefore crucial that manufacturers have in place the right strategies to successfully navigate this evolution while optimising the engagement and productivity of their people. We can help to do this and indeed already do for manufacturing clients including Signify (Philips), Baxi and AkzoNobel.

Common industry challenges

  • Use of AI/robots replacing previously ‘human’ jobs
  • Job cuts/redundancies and destabilising effect this has
  • Poor employee retention rates
  • Aging workforce and shortage of skilled graduates joining
  • Below benchmark levels of employee engagement
  • Sometimes geographically dispersed teams.

How to tackle them

  • Culture change/employee experience as a major focus
  • Invest in employer brand/EVP
  • Develop succession plans and identify future skills gaps
  • Improve perceptions of wider industry to attract young workers
  • Offer more competitive rewards and benefits.
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