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Retail employee experience special report

The 21st century retail challenge The world has turned and the retail industry has experienced and been affected by seismic changes in the last decade. But what has been the impact on employees’ experience at work amid all of this industry and organisational change? And where should retail employers be focusing to keep hold of and get the best from their people going forward? We’re well placed to answer these questions and shine a light on the retail employee experience through our...

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How can you reach remote workers in engagement surveys?

Running employee engagement surveys online is an obvious choice for most companies. It is, after all, more cost effective, generally has much higher response rates (on average around 79% for online versus and 58% for paper) and is generally more efficient with less scope for human error. However, there are plenty of industries where some employees aren’t easy to reach this way. So, what’s the best approach to asking remote employees for their views? Before we run through your options, it’s...

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From employee engagement to employee experience

Current state of play Employee engagement is complex and touches upon almost all known parts of human resource management. There’s no single definition but most scholars agree that engaged employees typically have high levels of energy and identify strongly with their work. Studies have shown links between engagement and organisational performance outcomes including employee retention, productivity, profitability customer loyalty and safety (Markos & Sridevi, 2010). Much research has also explored drivers of employee engagement that, if present, can enhance it. One such...