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5 ways to maximise use of 360 feedback among employees

You’ve done the hard work – you scoured the marketplace for a 360 feedback provider, you chose a platform, put together a questionnaire and launched it to your stakeholders… But it’s what happens next – or rather what perhaps doesn’t – that could prove to be your biggest challenge; participation. Fear not though, there’s lots that you (the organisation) can do to embed or reinvigorate 360 feedback surveys to maximise uptake and ensure great value for all parties on an on-going...

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Retail employee experience special report

The 21st century retail challenge The world has turned and the retail industry has experienced and been affected by seismic changes in the last decade. But what has been the impact on employees’ experience at work amid all of this industry and organisational change? And where should retail employers be focusing to keep hold of and get the best from their people going forward? We’re well placed to answer these questions and shine a light on the retail employee experience through our...