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What are the best employee engagement survey questions to ask?

There remains a good deal of scepticism concerning the effectiveness of employee engagement surveys. Some commentators have pointed to workplace changes and the speed of change as factors in the need for more regular employee feedback. And, while that is all true, the fact is that lots of engagement surveys (and pulse checks) fail for two very basic but fundamental reasons: They do not ask the right questions Managers and/or the organisation are not committed to acting on findings   As an...

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Organisational culture development: An essential guide

Having in place the right organisational culture is crucial to business fortunes. In truth, it always has been. But in an age when so many employees work remotely, where managers need to oversee disparate teams and where senior leaders can appear (and sometimes, sadly actually are) very far removed from those on the front line, it is now even more so. But how do you know if your current culture is fit for purpose, where do you start? Do your people...